Gonge Creative Learning

Danish innovator Skoleforlaget Gonge, was founded on 1 October 1966 with the aim of manufacturing and marketing materials to pre-school institutions –a concept still faithfully applied today. The materials in question are carefully selected to stimulate the movement, cognitive and social development of children, with a level of quality compliant with the high international safety standards required.

Over the years, Gonge has gone through major changes, but remains a family-owned business, true to its original concept. The company has changed its name to
Gonge Creative Learning Aps, in order to reflect the fact that it now focuses on the manufacture and export of its products to institutions in around 40 different countries all over the world.
Gonge Creative Learning ApS,  Rygesmindevej 2,DK-8653 Them,tel +45 86 84 72 88, fax +45 87 97 21 44, email: win@a-winther.com
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