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GONGE Activity Compendium

In Cooperation with Child physiotherapist Hannah Harboe

We are proud to introduce a collection of inspirational activities that you can do with children using our products. The core material contains a library of over 160 short activity videos which are freely accessible in the links above in Chinese or English version.

We found video recordings the best way to convey our passion for helping children to be physically active. You can make The GONGE Activity Compendium come alive by scanning QR codes, linking you to the training videos.

Since 1966, Gonge products have inspired and motivated children to be physically active, while helping them to learn and develop in creative ways. We are committed to ‘play as the mechanism for learning’, and continue to develop products that stimulate children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, without compromising on fun.

Play is the inspiration for all Gonge products, which are carefully designed to challenge children’s physical limits, develop their cognitive skills, encourage social interaction and support emotional integrity. We believe that the development of body and mind is essential for building the confidence that children will depend on throughout life.

In 2018, we started a project to supply substantial hands-on information on what you can do with GONGE products. We engaged in close cooperation with a clinical Child  Physiotherapist, Mrs Hannah Harboe, who helped to inspire activities, as well as providing enlightening theoretical reflections. Together with many wonderful children, we created more then 160 Activity videos, which turned out to be much more comprehensive than we had ever imagined!