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At GONGE, we believe that every child is unique and deserves individual attention to help them develop while they play. For this reason, our products are carefully designed to challenge children’s physical limits, develop their cognitive skills and encourage social interaction.


Quality is about more than just using the best materials. That’s why we work with teachers, physical therapists, industrial designers and engineers to ensure that design, functionality and a concept we call ‘play value’ are built into everything we produce. Our products are timeless, sustainable and durable.

Danish Design

Our selection of stimulating products are created by leading Danish designers, combining educational principles, beautiful design, excellent quality and compliance with the highest safety standards in each product.


Compliance with the highest safety standards is important to us. We continually test our products in accordance with European EN71, US ASTM 963, and CPSIA standards. As well as content of phthalates.


Gonge inspires and motivates children to be physically active. Our products will encourage children to start balancing, climbing, crawling, jumping, bouncing, spinning, walking on tip-toe, dancing, and being physically active in as many ways as the imagination and body function will allow.
Gonge products can be used for anything from free play to specific therapy and structured training. Children will develop physical strength and motor skills – including weight transfer, familiarity with heights, physical coordination and agility – as well as sensorimotor abilities such as an awareness of posture, and a sense of touch and balance.
We aim to motivate and challenge children at any functional level to develop their confidence and physical abilities.


Physical activity often involves social interaction. Gonge products encourage children to engage in activities that combine physical and social abilities. Children compete, race, role-play and perform, and they can do so with the aid of our products.
Group play will help to teach them cooperation and coordination, based on physical interaction. They will then learn by imitating the actions of others – probably our most basic way of learning.
At Gonge, we are happy whenever we see our products being used in social activities, because we believe that every child best develops physically, emotionally and cognitively from the responses of others.


Body and mind cannot be seen as separate. When playing with Gonge products, physical activities and sensations become important, helping children to improve their cognitive abilities.
Basic cognitive functions, such as memory, concentration, problem solving and spatial orientation are all vital for many of the physical activities inspired by Gonge. This can be anything from estimating the distance before a jump to developing new language skills when naming, sorting and describing a physical activity. And creativity is stimulated when imagination or curiosity is required, as well as when the physical activity is driven by performing or storytelling.
Integrating physical activity with teaching has also been recognised as a learning tool with considerable motivational potential, and sensorimotor training improves learning through stimulation of the brain.


Winther specialises in manufaturing quality trikes and bikes for children that help develop their physical and motor skills.

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Mar 20, 2020

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