River Stones Nordic

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River Stones Nordic

Model 2820 | Age 2-15

River Stones Nordic are now available in new colours as an alternative to the very popular, brightly coloured River Stones designed for kindergartens. The new set of colours are destined to create a better match in a wider scope of environments. Made in the same quality as our original River Stones which will, of course, remain available.

The River Stones are inspired by stepping stones in a river with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty. The purpose is to jump from stone to stone without touching the floor - you can vary the position of the stones to create more challenging paths for children. Each stone has a rubber rim on the base which prevent them from slipping, and also protect indoor floor areas. Provides challenging, active, imaginative fun. Builds children's confidence when jumping, judging distances, co-ordinating and balancing. Improved design of the original River Stones. River Stones can now be stacked so that they are practical to store. Incl. suggestions for games. Maximum load 100 kg.

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River Stones Nordic
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